Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 09:47:43 +0100
From: Chris Hollins

Delrow was asking about companies representing a number of charitable
organisations – presumably he has written a letter cold to a number of
trust funds and received a response from a company representing them. He
wants to know strategies in getting round this and it raises two
questions -

1 Those trusts – and there are a significant number of trusts
which operate in this way – have clearly taken a decision that they wish
to handle their business in this way, and ultimately those seeking to
contact them – for whatever reason, should probably respect the position
they have taken.

2 Unsolicited blind requests to lots of trusts is one way of going
about seeking support, but in the long run it is not the most cost
effective means of approaching trusts, and it creates a lot of bad will
with many of those trust, for the sector as a whole.

Clearly Delrow is looking at how to get at the decision makers, however
if the decision makers have chosen to work in this way, then those
seeking to contact that charitable activity/trust, would probably better
use their time in approaching those organisations which make their
decision makers more accessible.

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