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    Dear All,
    I do apologise if this idea has been mentioned before, but we’ve found it an excellent way to raise money. Its a website that you sign up to and do all of your online shoppin through by visiting the links to online shops. When you buy something, that shop gives a donation to your chosen cause (someone needs to set up your organisation as a cause first)

    Please follow the link below and set up an account for your charity/organisation. (following this link will tell the website that Our organisation have pointed you in the right direction and we will get a gratuity as will you if you encourage other organisations to join.

    Although it does not sound like a great deal, but in 2 weeks, I (personally) have earned our band £30.00 from online shopping and applying for credit cards and signing up to websites. If you multiply that figure by having a network of members supporting your cause- just think what can be achieved to help your organisation survive in these tough times.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope that you can benefit from this means of fundraising.


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