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    Adam beare


    everyone i have recently come into post managing a community centre in penzance cornwall, the large % of our staff costs are covered by the running of the building and activities we offer and rooms we hire out. However there has been no forward thinking in regards to the salary element for the Managers post, can anyone point me in the right direction to organisations which will fund salary elements? I am about to submit an application to The Henry Smith charity, but other than that i’m stumped!!

    any help and avice would be extremely welcome!





    Three words – Full Cost Recovery!

    The costs of the manager should be apportioned across the other activities – and your query suggests you already know this.

    A potential funder is more likely to pick up these costs in the short term if it is clear from the business plan that, within a couple of years, general revenue costs will be covered by general revenue!

    Make the business plan add up in the medium term, then broaden your trust search to include restructuring the organisation. There are funds about for future-proofing community groups.



    Gerry Beldon FInstF
    Director, 26-01 CIC


    Hi Adam

    I’d definitely second Gerry’s comment on full cost recovery. But if you need funding for the manager’s salary in the shorter term, some of the major trusts may be able to help.

    When we were doing the research for our report on core funding, “Raising Core Funding From Major Trusts: A Guide”, we found 62 large trusts, all appearing in the published major trust directories, which would consider core funding, often including salary costs. In some cases though, the directories didn’t give details of the trusts’ willingness to offer core funding.

    Good luck with your fundraising.


    Caroline Hamilton
    Founder, Real World Fundraising and the Real World Foundation
    [email protected]

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