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    A very basic and simple question.

    I’m looking for suitable alternatives for the words “Consultancy” and “Consultants”. This is within the not-for-profit fundraising sector.

    Any advice/ideas?


    Howard Lake

    I’m curious why you believe you need to find a different term. I agree that the word consultant can have negative overtones, but equally it’s just a word, with good and bad exemplars of it.

    Anyway, some suggestions:

    * agent/agency

    * adviser

    * enabler

    * professional help/guide

    * expert

    * mentor

    * partner

    To prevent any of the above sounding too general I’d probably precede each with a more descriptive word or phrase e.g. “funding adviser”.

    Have I missed any obvious terms in use in the sector by those who can’t bear to use the word ‘consultant’?



    In addition to Howard’s list above, depending on the nature of the project, I also sometimes use analyst or facilitator.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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