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Black Friday shopping bag - Pressmaster on

How some retailers are using Black Friday for fundraising and social good

Giving Tuesday is the combined, international response to the commercial excess of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. But that doesn’t stop charities, retailers and companies using Black Friday for good. 1. Is Black Friday worth charity retailers...

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Google Cardboard, for viewing virtual reality

We talk multichannel to connect donors but how about multi sensory?

A fundraiser has done a great job when a supporter truly connects with a cause that they care about. A fundraiser has done an excellent job when the supporter also understands the difference their contribution has made and is proud and inspired that their support has enabled the...
Moustaches and shamrocks - Iveta Angelova on

Movember shows “signs of diminishing returns” in Ireland

The ‘Movember’ fundraising phenomenon in Ireland has declined significantly in the last year, according to a report in the Irish Independent. In 2014 Movember Ireland generated €1.4 million – a dip of €800,000 compared to 12 months previously. In How Movember lost it...
Star Wars stormtroopers - photo: Howard Lake

10 things fundraisers could learn from Star Wars

“A long time ago, in a charity not so far away…” With the new Star Wars movie tantalisingly close and excitement growing around the release I was recently challenged to write a blog about what fundraisers could learn from the films. I’m aware I’m light-years late to this party –...


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