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Better Together 2015

The Wheel’s Better Together charity awareness campaign returns

The Wheel has announced the launching of this year’s Better Together campaign which raises awareness of charitable activity in Ireland. Better Together is a nationwide campaign which aims to build support for hundreds of charities, community groups, clubs and associations across...

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Fundraising - in fridge magnet letters. Photo: Howard Lake on

Where now for fundraising?

When fundraising is seen as a public enemy, for sure it’s time to change. To coincide with last Wednesday’s launch of the Etherington Review the BBC published a poll revealing that 52 per cent of donors who give regularly to charity by standing order or direct debit fe...
Regulating Fundraising for the Future - front cover

Cabinet Office accepts all recommendations of Etherington review of fundraising self-regulation

The Government will accept all of the recommendations in the Etherington review of fundraising regulation published last week. Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society, announced this morning that the 93-page document, published 11 days ago, had been accepted in full by the...
Fundraising - in fridge magnet letters. Photo: Howard Lake on

The price we pay for losing sight of the donor

I have been somewhat dismayed at the flood of criticisms that are now threatening to engulf our great profession. In my fifty years of fundraising, I have never seen anything like it. First, the sad death of Mrs Olive Cooke, last May.  All the evidence is that she didn’t commit...


  1. Introduction to Gift Aid

    October 13 @ 1:30 pm - 4:45 pm
  2. SIGEF 2015

    October 23 - October 25
  3. Winning Partnerships Masterclass

    November 11

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